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The primary school will provide an easy transition for children who have attended a kindergarten or similar learning environment. We offer the new Curriculum of England for Years 1, 2, 3 and 4 otherwise known as Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2). We are here to serve both international and Serbian families, with children aged five and over, with a wide range of abilities.

Our Mission


We believe personal development plays a significant role in academic success. Our desire for personal development is a feature that is foremost in our minds. It operates in unison with, and supports, academic development. The role it plays in our general lives cannot be overestimated. We believe children who understand their emotions and patterns of behaviour can better empathise and socialise with others. By developing a cognitive approach to understanding emotions and behaviour we believe children will develop a sense of responsibility for their learning and behaviour in school. We are determined to educate young people for life in the 21st century, and to meet this goal, a global perspective is essential. Many of us know the 3Rs of reading, writing and arithmetic. Alongside these we can add the 3Rs of reason, respect and resilience. These 3 key problem-solving skills cannot only benefit school achievement but also our general life outside of school. We believe children need to talk, listen and discuss as well as read and write, and to this end Dialogic Teaching will be one of our cornerstones. We place emphasis on learning the skills of communication, reasoning, and cooperation. Another of our central goals is to develop resilience in pursuit of goals.
Being an international school in Serbia we have a wonderful opportunity to include Serbia and the region in some of our objectives, particularly in the areas of Geography and History. We think it is important that children from elsewhere learn a little about the country in which they are living. For Serbian children we offer classes to further support development of their mother tongue.

To achieve our mission we will

Our Vision

We envisage happy, healthy children, who are inquisitive about the world around them.

We foresee children with a desire to explore, who have the necessary skills to problem solve, set goals and understand that sometimes things don’t always work out as they hoped. Importantly, they have the resilience to keep on going or are able to consider an alternative approach. We see reflective children, who acknowledge their feelings and those of their peers. They can apply problem-solving techniques to personal problems such as when they fall out with their friends.

We see children with a thorough understanding of many subject areas. They are further developed in those that are self-pleasing and reflect their individual strengths and talents. We imagine children who have a love of learning because they know how to learn.

Ultimately, we visualise children confidently moving towards independence in all facets of their school life. They are competent academically and socially, believe in themselves, and understand their rights and responsibilities in relation to family, school, and their present society.

They are becoming global citizens.

Programmes of Study

These programmes of study detail the knowledge, skills and processes your child will be learning. Both mandatory requirements and non-statutory guidelines are listed.
Please note that we adapt the curriculum to suit both our students and our host country.

Download detailed programmes here.